Designed to actualize the envisioned Klo Financial Empire (KFE), the Model is fundamentally God-dependent, but humanly clothed with 5 Thematic Pillars and mathematically presented as;




Where,    ASD    =     Accurate Statistical Data

                    PIP     =      Physical Infrastructural Platform

                    FCE   =     Financial Culture & Expertise

                    IDA    =      Integrated Development Approach

                    BSA   =     Beneficiary Stakeholders Aboard






Figure 1 – The AMH Strategic Business Model

Graphically presented as below, with all the variables (independent and dependent) being subsequently explained explicitly:


God, The Centre Piece of the Model, is the only truly independent variable in the KFE equation, which is structured to achieve Godly Success in Excellence, through Puritan Christian Stewardship and Hard Work.  God is the Sovereign Creator, who owns the Universe and Creation.  Man, the height of God’s creation and the very express image of God, exercises a God-conferred Dominion Mandate to steward creation into prosperity and wellbeing.   Thus, the will to create wealth and to prosper is neither human nor man-driven; it is God-ordained and God-inspired - its Source is God! (Deut. 8:18).

The 5 dependent variables are man-generated and controlled.  For their relevance under God,  God-dependency is assumed and assured.

If God is all of the above, then it is just unimaginable that a Christian enterprise model for success and prosperity can be designed without God at the Centre.   The Model simply affirms AiL’s belief in reliance upon God to utilize the God-bestowed gifts of wisdom, knowledge, understanding, courage and fortitude upon man to employ the 5 dependent variables in the best combinations to achieve excellence in wealth creation, to His Glory.



Accurate and Reliable Statistical Data are fundamental and germane to the AiL agenda. The reason is simple: No Economic Development Model can succeed outside of accurate and reliable Statistical Data.  Statistical data on MK is non-existent, hence the generation of same through the MKET Project in 2012.  This has not only provided the basic roadmap towards the whole chain of AiL programmes, but also serves as a convenient and suitable guide to all who seek to invest in MK. 

In 2017, AiL will recruit high-calibre economists/statisticians and social scientists to facilitate intensified generation of Statistical Data on MK through relevant Baseline Studies such as Directory of SMEs, Impact Assessment Surveys, Consumer & Business Confidence Surveys and 2017 Update of the 2012 MKET Economic Survey in 2018.  This will enable us to evaluate and measure the success and impact of our programmes on MK citizens.  This will also make basic up-to-date socio-economic statistical data on MK available to all developmental stakeholders.

These constitute the focus of the RESEARCH & BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT DEPARTMENT, in line with AiL’s development philosophy, “that no Project would be mounted unless it commands an affirmatively strong statistical grounding”.



The envisioned financial empire cannot come to fruition unless MK presents a strong enticing physical infrastructure platform in the form of modern architecturally-designed edifices suitable both for rental as office and residential accommodation.  As of now, these facilities are few in MK, if available at all.  This is a serious drawback, since Banks, NGOs, Telcos, Educational Institutions, etc. and other private sector operators which want to establish presence in MK are restrained.  The necessity for these baiting facilities to aid forward and backward developmental linkages cannot be overemphasized.

AiL recognizes the deficit of infrastructural facilities in MK, and has responded through on-going construction of one (1) unit 3-storey Residential Flat of 6 apartments of 3 bedrooms each, and one (1) unit 3-storey Office Accommodation.  These rental facilities are earmarked for completion in 2016.

Many more such edifices are programmed for construction in the coming years, as the PROJECTS, ESTATES & SECURITY DEPARTMENT intensifies efforts at more land acquisition for development.



A critical mass of financial experts and entrepreneurs is a sufficient condition for the success of the envisioned financial enclave in MK, not only to operate the system but also to sustain the infrastructure into the future.  Enhanced financial inclusion, high financial literacy and improved financial deepening combine to guarantee a culture of savings, investment and financial growth.  However, financial institutions as instruments are few and far between in MK; it is shameful that MK’s municipal headquarters has known no Major Banks for over three decades.

AiL seeks to introduce competition into the local financial scene to guarantee citizens access to diversity of financial products and services so as to challenge them to good savings cultural practices, as a way of broadening the financial inclusion horizon in MK.  Accordingly, the CONSULTANCY & BUSINESS ADVISORY DEPARTMENT is working feverishly to incorporate at least two financial institutions – Investment Banking & Micro-Finance Companies - by 2016.  Whiles the former will build human and financial capacity of today’s private sector through financial skills transfer as well as capacity building and investment capital funding, the latter will concentrate on developing the appropriate savings and investment culture in the youth to get them adequately prepared as future financial experts to take over from the leaders of today. A Forex Bureau and allied financial services outlets, such as money transfer services, are programmed for incorporation.

AiL is committed to broadening MK’s financial sector to facilitate full exploitation of its potentialities. 

Above all, a deliberate institutional farm to cultivate and nurture the desired financial culture and expertise in a structured and systematic order at the highest professional level shall be established.



AiL recognizes that raising the socio-economic development bar of a whole Municipality to the level of a financial empire cannot rest entirely on the shoulders of a mere private entity.  Accordingly, AiL seeks to collaborate with all other (allied) stakeholders in three ways:

(a). Partnership with Government and Quasi-Government Agencies (MDAs) and NGOs. 

(b). Technical and Financial Support to existing Private Sector operators to realize their developmental dreams

(c). Promoting Viable Business Propositions into Incorporated Ventures and Growing same to maturity. 

Thus, together with allied stakeholders in collaborative partnership AiL hopes to succeed.  The CONSULTANCY & BUSINESS ADVISORY DEPARTMENT also focuses on these.



Undertaking a Project this magnitude stands a high chance of success if the citizenry, who are the intended beneficiaries, are carried along every step of the way.  Once they buy into a Project, they would sometimes make unsolicited/involuntary suggestions towards its success.

AiL is poised to achieve this its own way through establishment of a local fm radio station to champion and propagate its cause to the people in the local dialect.  Also, a local financial periodical would be institutionalized to provide up-to-date information on the financial happenings in and around MK.  The CONSULTANCY & BUSINESS ADVISORY DEPARTMENT is working very hard behind the scenes to get these off the ground by 2016.