The Annual Klo Renaissance Bazzar (AKReB) is a concept designed to deliberately and consciously influence the developmental and growth agenda of Kloma on a sustainably mass scale.  The concept is a direct consequence of the Divine Restoration Mandate of AMH and falls in line with AMH’s catch-phrase, “Engineering the spiritual restoration and economic renaissance of Manya Klo State”.  The vision is to institutionalize AKReB as an annual event that is incorporated into the Annual Ngmayem Festival of the Chiefs and Peoples of Manya Klo Traditional Area, starting October 2019.

  2. To revive old and dying Klo traditions and customs, while highlighting the positive developmental aspects to the youth in particular, and the world at large.
  3. To showcase the typical Klo traditional norms and cultural practices devoid of fetishism.
  4. To offer the rare opportunity to all Klo development experts and stakeholders to brainstorm and chart a path of sustainable progress for the future of Kloma.

AKReB comes in three unique forms or components – Klo Cuisines Bazzar, Klo Music & Dance Festival and Klo Economic Forum.


  1. Objectives
  2. To revive the typical Klo traditional cuisines and local food-types that are on the verge of getting lost to the present generation.
  3. To create appetite in Klo youth of today for Klo local cuisines and food-types.
  • To demonstrate the unequalled nutritional value of Klo local cuisines and food-types.
  1. Klo Traditional Cuisines and Local Food-Types In Focus:

kumaku; agbetenya; tatale; sibaa; aponu; aprapransa; ku-ngmi; wuwi; kokoteku; etc.

  1. Mode/Format

Sale of above cooked food-types at subsidized prices.

  1. Venue/Time

Friday at Grand Durbar Grounds at Laasi.  It is a one-day event, commencing 10:00am-       2:00pm.


  1. Objectives
  2. To revive the old and dying Klo traditional arts, music and dance forms.
  3. To provide a variety of Klo music and dance forms of cultural significance for learning, entertainment and leisure.
  • To display and demonstrate competitive kpatsa music and dance in its artistic forms.
  1. Mode/Format

6pm-9pm: Variety Music and Dance Displays by Groups: – Oglodzo; Kpatsa; Kenka;   Agbai, etc. interspersed with Klo Poetry recitals.

9:30pm–12mid-night: Kpatsa Competition, involving 5-7 competing groups.

  1. Time/Venue          

Saturday Evening at a suitable venue at a subsidized rate.


  1. Objectives
  • To provide a platform for serious academic discussion of matters affecting Kloma Development by all relevant stakeholders.
  • To offer an opportunity to assemble Klo intellectuals and expects in all fields of development to chart a progressive path for the future prospects of Klo.
  • To provide an opportunity for networking by Kloma career experts both home and abroad.

2. Mode/Format

  • Each year, a Prominent Klo Economist, Social Scientist, Physical or Development Scientist, Research Expert or Academician will deliver a topical Public Lecture on Kloma Development.
  • After Questions Time, attendees shall break into 5 Committees of Experts to further digest the Lecture, with the view to building expert consensus on the critical issues raised, culminating into presentation of Position Papers outlining the way forward for Klo Development.
  • The 5 Committees of Experts envisaged shall include:

Community Development, Health and Sanitation

Mathematics, Science and Technology (ICT)

Education, Culture and Tradition

Economics, Business and Finance

Management, Politics and Governance

  • Recommendations from the Position Papers of the Committees of Experts will be compiled and circulated to all Key stakeholders for attention. For AMH and the Organizers, the Recommendation will form the basis for a 5-year (Medium-Team) Development Plan for Kloma. This will guide the Assemblies in their socio-economic development efforts.
  • Keynote Address for the 1st Annual Economic Forum will be delivered by Nene Sakite II, Paramount Chief of Manya Klo Traditional Area.


Kloyom Thursday Morning at an appropriate Lecture Hall.


    • Akunyumu Missions & Holdings (AMH)
    • Kloma Development Trust Company (KDTC)
    • Klo Financial Time (KFT)


Sponsors needed.