ANAZIA MEDIA LIMITED is a wholly-Ghanaian owned company.  It was registered under the Company’s Code, 1963 (Act 179) with certificate of incorporation number…….


ANAZIA MEDIA LIMITED is a private company limited by shares established primarily to provide alternative news sources by electronic means to parts of the Eastern Region of the Republic of Ghana, particularly the MANYA KLO STATE, encompassing the Lower Manya Klo Municipality (Odumasi-Klo and its environs) and the Upper Manya Klo District (Asesewa and its environs).  It shall operate on the frequency modulation (fm) as it has the advantage of the less likelihood of being affected by outside interference, i.e. thunderstorms and lightening.  


Among other objectives, ANAZIA MEDIA LIMITED will do the following:

  1. To establish a frequency modulation (fm) radio station at Odumase-Klo in the Lower Manya Klo Municipality in the Eastern Region of the Republic of Ghana.
  2. To inform the people of the Municipality in an efficient and effective manner on government policies and programmes geared towards their well-being and to inform them of the roles expected of them in meeting their own aspirations through their active involvement in the execution of programmes and projects.
  3. To educate and sensitize the people on various political, economic, social, health and environmental issues that affect their well-being with the view to gaining their co-operation and support in achieving government’s positive goals in these areas.
  4. To entertain the people of the Municipality through programmes that guarantee healthy and harmonious lifestyle, as well as to provide the platform for the discussion of topical issues on health (such as HIV-AIDS), the preservation of game and wildlife and the environment.
  5. To highlight the contributions and the achievements of private individuals and groups of individuals with the view to encouraging others to also contribute their quota towards the development of Manya Klo in particular and the Eastern Region as a whole.
  6. To champion the dissemination of economic and business information, as well as to deepen and sustain the typical traditional Klo values and cultural norms, within the context of acceptable Christian principles, as a way of motivating citizens to participate in the development of their communities.
  7. To help and sustain propagation of The Gospel of Jesus Christ.
  8. To help to unite members of the various communities in the region; and broaden their awareness for closer co-operation and collaboration in the promotion of peace and development.
  9. To help in the fight against tribalism and their attendant vices through public discussions, debates, forums, etc.  There is extreme polarization of the nation on tribal lines, which are craftily used for the purposes of political expediency thereby, drawing a sharp wedge between the many tribes.